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NEPPA Legislative Action Watch

Legislative Action Watch (L.A.W.)

L.A.W. alerts inform our members of New England state and national legislation that may impact the promotional products industry and our livelihoods.


Proposed Border Adjustment Tax
The U.S. House Republican tax reform proposal includes a recommendation to adopt a Border Adjustment Tax (BAT). The BAT poses a discriminatory tax on all imported products—including promotional products. This tax will significantly hurt American consumers and the nation’s largest employers by increasing the cost of everyday products.  The BAT, which would function as a national sales tax, could drive the unemployment rate back to the 2010 highs in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Support The Promotional Products Industry
The promotional products industry plays an important role in the U.S. economy, comprised primarily of small business owners. Sharing the importance of the promotional products industry helps ensure that our message about this useful and dynamic industry is protected.

Preserve Deductibility of Advertising Expenditures
Help to educate your elected officials on the importance deductibility of advertising expenditures are too small and growing businesses and its impact to the promotional products industry.

Independent Contractors and the Promotional Products Industry
Independent Contractors play a vital role in the promotional products industry. Write your member of congress to preserve the Independent Contractor designation and preserve Section 530 of the Revenue Act.

Support the Protecting Local Business Opportunity Act
Inform your elected official on the need to define “joint employer” by supporting the “Protecting Local Business Opportunity Act.

PPAI Legislative Action Watch